Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

Do your kids love unicorns? If so, you NEED this unicorn paper plate craft! To make it easy for you, I’ve got a free unicorn template for you, too!

Paper plate crafts tend to be popular with preschool moms and teachers. They provide an inexpensive way to let preschoolers express their creativity. This unicorn craft is no exception! 

Do your kids love unicorns? If so, you NEED this unicorn paper plate craft! To make it easy for you, I've got a free unicorn template for you, too!

Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

Arts and crafts help preschoolers express their creativity while building motor skills. Kids build fine motor muscles when they cut out the unicorn and twist the chenille stem in this unicorn paper craft

What You’ll Need

-unicorn template (download it below)

heavy duty paper plate (the stiff kind with raised edges)

pipe cleaners in rainbow colors plus silver

markers (pink, yellow, purple, and mint green)






What You’ll Do

Before you get started, gather your craft supplies. Download and print the free unicorn craft template

To begin, paint the paper plate with blue water colors. Then, set it aside to dry.

While the plate is drying, color the unicorn with markers. Add google eyes to the unicorn, and cut it out.

Now, curl a pipe cleaner around one of your markers to make a spring.

Straighten one end of the pipe cleaner, and attach it to the back of the unicorn with tape.

To make the rainbow, draw 5 dots on the edge of the plate going from the outside moving inwards. Repeat this with the other edge of the plate.

Using those marks as guidelines, poke holes using the scissors.

Feed the ends of the pipe cleaners in these holes, Line up the pipe cleaners to form a rainbow on the correct side of the plate. Twist the loose ends together to secure the rainbow on the bottom of the plate, longer ends can be trimmed with scissors.

Use the glue to attach some cotton balls to the base of the rainbow to create some clouds.

Poke a hole in the center of the plate and feed the unicorn spring pipe cleaner in this hole. Tape on the inside of the plate to secure it.

With a little push, the unicorn flies across the rainbow.


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Do your kids love unicorns? If so, you NEED this unicorn paper plate craft! To make it easy for you, I've got a free unicorn template for you, too!


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