Sunflower Printables

Looking for flower themed preschool printables? These engaging S is for Sunflower printables are perfect for ages 3-6!

These free preschool printables can be used in a variety of ways to practice counting and handwriting while improving fine motor skills.

Kids will love the adorable sunflower themed graphics on the pages in this pack.

These sunflower activities include eleve pages of flower-themed activities geared toward kids ages 3-6.

Sunflower Printables

These worksheets allow early childhood students to explore numbers, letters, and fine motor skills.

Add these flower-themed worksheets to your flower activities for preschoolers.

Completing these free sunflower worksheets is a great way to practice important skills with your preschoolers.

In this pack, you’ll find the following activities:

• Trace it: Children will trace the paths from left to right. Tracing provides fine motor muscle training for little ones.

• Count it: Children will identify the number at the beginning of each row. Then, they’ll color the same number of pictures. This is a great way to work on number recognition and counting to ten.

• Color it: There are two coloring pages in this pack. Coloring allows kids to express their creativity.

• Write it: Kids will identify the image at the beginning of each row. Then, they’ll trace the name of each item. This activity provides a chance to practice letter recognition and letter formation.

• Count and write: Kids will count objects in a set and then write the number on a line. This activity helps little ones practice counting and writing numbers through 10.

Round Out Your Unit with These Activities

Let your kids be artists! They’ll love painting their own sunflower! This is like a coloring page, but even better – the end result is a beautiful canvas painting!

This sunflower life cycle puzzle teaches the growth of a plant from seedling to full bloom. Multiple layers and puzzles within a single frame. Easy storage of all the pieces self encased in the puzzle itself.

This life cycle of a sunflower printable is perfect for assembling a lapbook that will fit right into your summer science lessons.

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