Snowmen at Night Sequencing

When the world is blanketed in snow and stars twinkle in the frosty night sky, the magic of winter activities comes alive. It’s the perfect time to introduce children to an enchanting book – “Snowmen at Night” – and to the fun of Snowmen at Night sequencing

This fun snowman book isn’t just a delightful read; it’s a fantastic tool for developing children’s sequencing and literacy skills. With story sequencing cards, younger students can learn to identify and understand the order of events in the story, helping to build their comprehension and storytelling abilities. 

It’s not just education, but winter magic packed with fun!

Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner is a fun story that answers the age-old kid question: What do snowmen do when we’re not watching? 

The story unfolds as a young boy notices his snowman looking different from the previous day. Curious, he imagines a world where snowmen come alive at night and engage in playful activities. 

From epic snowball fights and drinking icy-cold cocoa to participating in exhilarating sled races, the snowmen frolic through the night, returning to their places by dawn. 

The book’s enchanting narrative and captivating illustrations make it a winter classic, sparking imagination and joy in every child’s mind.

Understanding Sequencing

Sequencing is the skill of arranging objects, actions, or ideas in a specific order, typically based on a set of rules or guidelines.

In the context of early education, sequencing tasks often involve arranging events from a story or steps in a process in the correct order.

This kind of task helps children develop logical thinking skills, enhances their understanding of cause-and-effect relationships, and boosts their ability to predict what might happen next.

Young readers will have a blast with this Snowmen at Night sequencing activity. With four versions of the sequencing cards, it's easy to differentiate for all learning levels. 

Snowmen at Night Sequencing 

To embark on this magical journey with the “Snowmen at Night,” you will need the following materials:

  • The “Snowmen at Night” book
  • Our sequencing pages
  • A clear workspace for arranging the cards

First, enjoy a reading session with your child. As you flip through the pages of the “Snowmen at Night” book, encourage your child to pay close attention to the events that unfold in the storyline.

Upon finishing the book, introduce the sequencing cards. Each card depicts a key event from the book. Ask your child to recall the events in the order they occurred in the story and arrange the cards accordingly. 

Prompt your child to discuss why they placed the cards in a particular sequence. This encourages them to think critically about the story’s progression and the cause-and-effect relationships between different events.

Finally, revisit the book and compare the arranged sequence to the story. This not only verifies their understanding but also reinforces the sequence of events in the story.

Remember, the goal of this activity is to develop sequencing skills while ensuring a fun and engaging experience. Don’t forget to praise their effort and encourage repeat attempts for continuous learning and improvement.

NOTE: There are four different sets of sequencing discs included in this pack. This allows students to work at their own level.  One page of discs is just images while one has action words on each disc. The other two focus on ordinal numbers. If your kids are ready for these discs, you can choose from words or numbers. 

Young readers will have a blast with this Snowmen at Night sequencing activity. With four versions of the sequencing cards, it's easy to differentiate for all learning levels. 

Preschool Books About Snow

Introduce the magic of the winter season to your little ones with an enthralling collection of picture books about snow. These books are more than just stories; they offer a unique blend of fun, education, and imagination, opening up a world of frosty adventures and snowy explorations. 

From the first snowfall to the creation of the perfect snowman, these captivating tales will engage young readers’ curiosity while enhancing their awareness of nature’s winter wonders. Let’s dive into this world of icy delights and discover the joy of reading together on these cold winter nights!

The Night Before the Snow DayLittle Owl's SnowThe Magic of Friendship Snow


The Night Before the Snow Day – It’s nighttime and snow is falling hard. Will the town be snowed in? Will there be a snow day? 

Little Owl’s Snow – Winter is almost here!” says Little Owl, as he observes leaves falling, animal friends hibernating, and a chill from his feathers to his feet. And just as he and his friend raccoon are watching their breath make fog in the cold air, it happens: Snow!

The Magic of Friendship Snow – Jojo looks around and everyone seems to have friends but her.  She feels sad and lonely.  Then, Jojo meets Puddles, the snowman made with magic friendship snow.

Winter Crafts for Kids

Unleash your child’s creativity with some simple and fun winter crafts for kids. These fun activities not only provide an entertaining indoor activity for those cold winter days but also offer a chance for young kids to learn about the season and its unique characteristics.

Snowflake Window Clings

These DIY window clings are so much fun to make and can brighten up any window during the long winter months. All you need is some puffy paint and a template for your child to trace. The finished product is a beautiful, original decoration that your child can be proud of.

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Bring winter wildlife to your backyard by building a pinecone bird feeder. This simple project involves spreading peanut butter on a pinecone and rolling it in birdseed. Your child will love watching feathered friends come to snack from their homemade feeder.

Paper Snowflakes

This classic winter craft never gets old. All you need is some paper and scissors. Your child can experiment with different shapes and patterns, and each snowflake will be unique – just like in nature!

Teaching Resources

Preschoolers will love playing with a Jolly Snowman made of felt! With 35 interchangeable pieces your little ones can move around for lots of Winter imaginary fun!

This adorable snowman playdough kit comes with scented, sparkly doh and everything needed to create the cutest little snowman family.

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  1. I love all your resources, the sequence is a great way to assist students with story comprehension, vocabulary and ordinal numbers.