Snowmen at Night Crafts

These cute Snowmen at Night crafts will be perfect for a winter afternoon activity. You’ll find cute art projects for all different ages.

Kids love having the opportunity to build snowmen on a winter afternoon. But, they are intrigued by the fact that their snowman might look a little different when they wake up in the morning.

Read Snowmen at Night and then add one or more of these crafts to your snowman activities for preschool. They’re so much fun!

These cute Snowmen at Night activities will be perfect for a winter afternoon activity. You'll find cute art projects for all different ages.

Snowmen at Night Crafts

Snowmen at Night is a great book to read to your students after they spend the afternoon building a snowman.

This story is sure to spark a discussion about what they think their snowmen do at night.

Which of these fun Snowmen at Night crafts will you do first? Let me know in the comments.


Below, I’ve featured just a handful of picture books about snow that will help your preschoolers celebrate winter!

You should be able to find them at your local library or bookstore. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

The Night Before the Snow DayLittle Owl's SnowThe Magic of Friendship Snow


The Night Before the Snow Day – It’s nighttime and snow is falling hard. Will the town be snowed in? Will there be a snow day? 

Little Owl’s Snow – Winter is almost here!” says Little Owl, as he observes leaves falling, animal friends hibernating, and a chill from his feathers to his feet. And just as he and his friend raccoon are watching their breath make fog in the cold air, it happens: Snow!

The Magic of Friendship Snow – Jojo looks around and everyone seems to have friends but her.  She feels sad and lonely.  Then, Jojo meets Puddles, the snowman made with magic friendship snow.


Do you wanna play Let’s Build a Snowman Bingo? These printable PDFs contain everything you need to play Bingo. 

Winter has arrived, and with it comes dreams of building snowmen! Get kids excited about the winter season with a wonderful collection of snowman books for kids!

This Dress Your Own Snowman kit contains everything a well-dressed snowman needs: button eyes, a carrot nose, pieces for a mouth, a knit cap and pipe, and more.

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  1. Thanks for referencing my Snowman Starry Night painting tutorial in this post! It is definitely a kid friendly painting! I’m loving all these other snowmen craft ideas that I’ll have to try with my 2 & 4 year old!