Paper-Weaving Sea Turtle Craft

Download the free template and follow the tutorial to make a simple paper-weaving sea turtle craft with your preschoolers!

We love sea turtles in my house. We’re fascinated by these giant creatures who have a built in homing system that brings momma back to the place she was born to lay her eggs.

Today, you can share this fun turtle craft with your preschoolers, and teach them all about sea turtles as you do.

Sea-Turtle-Pin-1 Paper-Weaving Sea Turtle Craft

Whether you’re looking for a fun preschool craft to add to your ocean theme or you’re just looking for a fun new craft to do with your little ones, this sea turtle craft is a fun one!

Sea Turtle Craft

My favorite thing about this art project is that it is designed to help your preschoolers build fine motor skills as they cut and weave the paper strips they’ll need to create their sea turtle.

Let me show you how easy it is to create this sea turtle…

What You’ll Need

cardstock or construction paper

glue stick

scissors – You can cut the strips by hand (or have your preschooler do it), but a paper cutter is MUCH easier.

• black marker

• bubble wrap

• blue paint

• paint brush

• sea turtle craft template (FREE template available at the end of this post)

sea-turtle-craft-supplies Paper-Weaving Sea Turtle Craft

Instructions for the bubble wrap print background

Paint a large piece of bubble wrap with shades of blue paint.

Turn the bubble wrap over and place onto white paper.

Press firmly all over the bubble wrap.

Pull up the bubble wrap.

Allow the paint to dry completely.

t-is-for-turtle-painting Paper-Weaving Sea Turtle Craft


Download the sea turtle craft template and print out. You can find the template at the end of this post. Cut the template out.

Trace the template onto cardstock and cut out. (refer to the photos)

sea-turtle-template Paper-Weaving Sea Turtle Craft

Fold the sea turtle in half and cut slits on the abdomen. Leave about half an inch around the edges to avoid tearing the paper while you weave.

sea-turtle-craft Paper-Weaving Sea Turtle Craft

Cut strips of light green cardstock.

Weave the strips in and out of the slits in the turtle.

turtle-craft-ideas Paper-Weaving Sea Turtle Craft

Glue the edges of the paper strips to keep them from moving out of place. Cut off excess paper.

Cut two large white circles and two smaller black circles from cardstock.

Glue the eyes together and then glue the eyes onto the turtle’s head.

Use a black marker to add a mouth to your turtle.

sea-turtle-crafts Paper-Weaving Sea Turtle Craft

Glue your turtle onto the bubble print paper that you made previously.

Your sea turtle craft is finished!

Sea-Turtle-Pin-2 Paper-Weaving Sea Turtle Craft

This is a wonderful classroom project! How cute would these look on a bulletin board?

Download your sea turtle craft template. No sign up required!

Download-Here Paper-Weaving Sea Turtle Craft

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