Printable Number Tracing Worksheets

Do your kids need a little extra practice writing their numbers? If so, you’re going to love our brand new printable number tracing worksheets

With our number tracing worksheets, your little ones will have plenty of opportunities to trace the numbers 1-10.  

These free printable worksheets are perfect for preschool and kindergarten students who are just learning to write their numbers, or for older kids who need a refresher.

Why Number Tracing is Important

Number tracing is an important skill for young children to master. It helps improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and even strengthens their handwriting abilities. 

By practicing number formation, children also become more familiar with the shapes and patterns of each number. 

This lays a strong foundation for future math skills, such as counting and addition.

The Benefits of Number Tracing

Tracing numbers offers numerous benefits to young learners, laying the groundwork for their academic journey. One of the primary benefits is the development of good pencil control.

As children trace numbers, they learn how to hold a writing instrument correctly and move it with precision. This skill is crucial as it directly impacts their handwriting quality and speed as they grow.

Number tracing also plays an integral role in learning the formation of numbers. By physically tracing each digit from 0 to 9, children can remember the shape, pattern, and sequence of lines that make up each number. This practice aids in creating a mental image of each number, which is fundamental for numerical literacy.

Printable Number Tracing Worksheets

This set of free preschool printables includes two tracing numbers pages. Each page features bolded numbers and four dotted numbers to trace. 


  • Printer paper
  • Favorite writing utensil (crayons, pencils, markers)
  • Laminator (if you’d like to make the pages reusable)

How to Use the Worksheets

Our free number tracing worksheets are simple and easy to use. 

Print out the worksheets on regular printer paper.

Give your child a pencil or crayon to trace with.

Have them trace the numbers across the page from left to right until they’ve completed them all. 

You can print them out as many times as necessary so your kids can practice over and over. 

Teaching Number Recognition to Preschoolers

In addition to writing numbers, these preschool worksheets can also be used to help teach number recognition. 

Once your child has completed tracing all the numbers, have them go back and circle or color each number they traced. This will reinforce their ability to identify each number.

You can also use these free printables as a fun game by having your child trace and say the numbers out loud as quickly as possible. 

Not only will this help with number recognition, but it will also improve their counting skills.

Number Recognition Worksheets

If your little one is enjoying these free printable number tracing worksheets, we have much more to offer! These fun and education-focused printables will continue to support your child’s learning journey in a fun-filled way.

Our preschool number worksheets offer an engaging and fun-filled platform for your child to learn and practice number writing and recognition. These worksheets not only develop their motor skills and handwriting but also lay a robust foundation for their mathematical abilities.

Encourage your child to trace, color, and recognize numbers with these worksheets, and witness their confidence and comprehension grow. Remember, learning is a journey, and every small step counts. 

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