Preschool Winter Printables

Over 90 activities included in these preschool winter printables! Practice early literacy, math, and fine motor skills with a fun winter theme.

Add this worksheet packet to your preschool winter activities. Kids ages 3-7 will work on skills such as letter recognition, prewriting, letter formation, counting to 10, and more!

Preschool and kindergarten students will love the engaging winter graphics on each of these print-and-go activity pages.

This amazing activity pack will make a great addition to your collection of winter printables for preschool.

Preschool Winter Printables

Your young learners will love the engaging activities in this winter worksheet packet. With the worksheets in this pack, young learners will work on building vocabulary skills, beginning writing, sorting, coloring, letter and number recognition, and more.

With the no-prep worksheets included in this pack, your kids will have an opportunity to work on a wide variety of preschool skills.

To start with , there is a library list. This is great for reserving books from the library. However, don’t fret if you can’t find the books on the list. Any winter-themed book on your shelf will make a great supplement to your winter activities.

Winter Literacy

Letter tracing pages allow students to practice letter recognition, beginning sounds, and handwriting practice. Each page features a winter image, the letter that image begins with, and the name of that image spelled out and used in a sentence.

Kids can color the picture, trace both capital and lowercase letters, the name of the picture, and a “__ is for ___” alphabet sentence. There are eight letter tracing pages featuring the letters C, I, W, P, S, M, H, and B.

Beginning sounds practice pages help kids focus on the sounds that different winter objects begin with. One page has kids name an object and circle its beginning sound. The second page encourages kids to name a winter object and place a letter sticker/magnet/bead in the square.

Labeling pages help kids build vocabulary as they cut and paste labels on various winter objects. Kids will label hot chocolate, a snowman, and a polar bear. Each page has 5-8 labels.

Finally, letter hunts encourage kids to focus on the featured letter. They’ll strengthen visual discrimination skills as they search the grid for each featured letter – uppercase and lowercase. There are seven letter hunts featuring the letters C, I, H, M, B, S, and P.

Preschool Winter Math Activities

Counting to ten is an important skill for preschoolers and kindergarteners to work on. In this packet, there are four sets of winter counting activities. Kids will count each set, and circle the correct number. They’ll count buttons on a snowman, penguins on an iceberg, marshmallows in hot chocolate, and snowflakes in a window.

Sorting is another key math skill to teach young children. This pack has kids sort objects according to a few different attributes. They’ll sort by size – big or little.

They’ll also sort left and right. One activity has kids color the object on the left one color and the object on the right another. Another activity has kids sort objects according to whether they’re facing left or right.

Ordering by size is fun with engaging winter graphics. Kids will cut out pictures and glue them in order from largest to smallest or smallest to largest.

There are three color by number worksheets in this pack. Kids will follow the color code to color a polar bear, a cup of hot chocolate, and a fun winter gnome. This is a great way for kids to work on color words and number recognition through eight.

Winter Fine Motor Activities

Winter mazes encourage kids to strengthen fine motor and reasoning skills as they trace a path from beginning to end. This pack contains a mitten and snowman maze.

Prewriting skills help kids get ready for handwriting and letter formation. Kids will practice tracing lines from top to bottom and from left to right. There are four of each in this packet.

For more winter fine motor fun, kids will use dot markers to fill in circles, trace dashed lines to draw various winter activities, or cut dashed lines around winter objects. There are ten of these activity pages included.

This “ARCTIC WILDLIFE” quiet book introduces your baby the Polar animals, helps to develop imagination and fine motor skills!

This Arctic small world sensory bin filler includes everything your child needs to engage in beneficial sensory play. Sensory play encourages children to explore their senses and enhances creativity.

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This printable activity includes more than ninety print-and-go pages your preschoolers will love. Each page includes instructions to complete the activity.

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