Preschool Sight Words Activities

After your little ones recognize letters and their sounds, it’s time to start learning to read. Here are some great preschool sight words activities to get you started!

As children learn to recognize sight words, they build confidence in their ability to read. But, don’t just rely on flashcards. Make sight word practice as fun and engaging as possible.

After your little ones recognize letters and their sounds, it's time to start learning to read. Here are some great preschool sight words activities to get you started!

Preschool Sight Words Activities

Need a fun, hands-on way to begin teaching sight words to your beginning readers? Sight Word Splash is a water play game to teach or review words. Homeschool Preschool

Pair sight words practice with a favorite books is a great way to engage your little ones. Here’s a fun Rainbow Fish sight words activity that doubles as a craft. Rainy Day Mum

These sight words coloring pages are very versatile. Kids can color them, use them as coloring pages, playdough mats, and more! Planes and Balloons

There are two different versions of play in this sight word bingo game. One has kids cover the words, while the other has kids trace it. Behind the Mom Bun

Color-by-code pages are fun for kids. These sight word worksheets cover a variety of themes and topics. April Go Lightly

Get kids moving with an interactive sight word HIGH FIVE game! Print sight words on hand-shaped post-its, stick them on the wall, and have kids slap the words you call out. School Time Snippets

You can add some movement to this Feed the Bunny sight word game if you put the “bunny” on the other side of the room. Simple Fun for Kids

Write sight words on seashells to create a fun ocean sight word game and sensory bin for kids. Happy Toddler Playtime

Make straw rockets with your preschoolers so they can play this Rocket to the Moon sight words game. Growing Book by Book

Dinosaur fans will love tracing sight words in pudding when you set up this dinosaur mud sight words writing activity. ABCs of Literacy

Sight Words Skittles is a fun twist on a game of bowling! Rainy Day Mum

These pre-primer sight words do-a-dot sheets are a great way to practice sight words while building fine motor skills! Planes and Balloons

Print out the sight words cards and have kids take turns flipping them over to find matches. This Sight Words matching game is sure to be a hit. Behind the Mom Bun

Disney princess fans will love this princess emergent reader which features the sight words I and see. School Time Snippets

Kids will love dressing these paper dolls as they match the Winter Clothes pre-primer sight words matching activity. Simple Fun for Kids

Write sight words on a sheet of paper and on a sheet of round stickers, and you’ve got a simple dot stickers sight word matching game. Happy Toddler Playtime

When you print these editable sight word cards, you can use them as flashcards, memory matching cards, and more. Mrs. Jones Creation Station

These sight words worksheets offer a variety of activities to practice their sight words. Fun with Mama

These nature color by sight words worksheets are great for working on sight words, color words, and coloring skills. Natural Beach Living

Boys and girls alike will enjoy playing this free construction sight words game. Preschool Play and Learn

Preschool sight words matching pages encourage kids to draw a line between matching words. Planes and Balloons

These sight words worksheets encourage kids to read, write, and search for the featured sight word. Behind the Mom Bun

Add some sight word pumpkin cards to a fun sensory bin to create a sight words scavenger hunt for kids. Simple Fun for Kids

Add a fun sensory experience when you have your kids play this shaving cream sight word game. Happy Toddler Playtime

This editable sight word magnetic letter center is a great way to have kids practice reading, writing, and building sight words. Mrs. Jones Creation Station

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Discover 7 tips for sight word practice with your young learners. Each one will get your kids engaged and improve their retention of the sight words you're working on.  Are you looking for a fun resource to teach pre-primer sight words to your preschool and kindergarten students? This hands-on beginning sight words sorting activity is just what you need! Need a fun, hands-on way to teach sight words to your preschoolers and kindergarteners? Sight Word Splash is a fun water play activity to teach or review words.

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