Preschool Rainbow Art

Preschool rainbow art is the perfect mix of fun and learning! Little ones adore the vibrant colors of a rainbow, making this a popular choice for preschool crafts and art projects.

For this simple activity, all you’ll need are markers and water. Kids will draw a rainbow, then use droplets of water to blend the colors in magical ways.

This encourages exploration of color mixing while also developing fine motor skills. Get ready for a burst of joyful creativity!

Rainbows are a wonderful spring theme in the preschool classroom! Their vibrant colors and whimsical nature align perfectly with the feeling of fresh beginnings as nature awakens.

Rainbows tie into lessons about weather, color theory, and even cultural celebrations like St. Patrick’s Day. Plus, the act of creating rainbow-themed crafts sparks joy and wonder in little learners, making them a delightful symbol of the season.

Preschool Rainbow Art

Now, let’s gather our supplies and dive into the wonderful world of creating preschool rainbow art together! Below, you’ll find a simple list of materials needed for this colorful adventure and a step-by-step guide to making your very own rainbow masterpiece.

What You’ll Need

  • Markers: A vibrant selection of colors to draw your rainbow. Feel free to include as many colors as you’d like to make your rainbow rich and full of life.
  • Paper Towel: This will be the base of the art project. It’s important to use paper towel instead of regular paper as it will allow the colors to blend and create a beautiful effect.
  • Small Bowl of Water: This will be used to dip your dropper into and create those magical watercolor effects on your rainbow.
  • Dropper: A dropper or pipette will allow you to precisely control the amount of water you’re adding to your art piece. This is key for blending colors beautifully.
  • Plastic Mat: Placing this under your workspace will help protect surfaces from any marker or water spills. It makes cleanup a breeze!
  • White Cardstock: The cardstock is there to catch any bleed through from the markers.

Gather these supplies, and you’re all set to create a stunning piece of rainbow art that’s as joyous as it is colorful.

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What You’ll Do

Place the paper towel on a piece of cardstock paper. Proceed to draw a rainbow on the paper towel using the markers.

You can now throw away that piece of cardstock. Some of the marker may have leaked onto the page.

Place the plastic mat on the table first. Next, slide a fresh sheet of cardstock paper under the towel on top of the mat. This mat will keep your workspace dry and protected.

Place the dropper in a bowl of water and gently squeeze to draw up some water. Release water droplets onto the rainbow one by one, and observe as the colors gradually spread out. The hues will also blend onto the cardstock.

After completing the task, lay a fresh piece of cardstock on top of the paper towel and gently press down. This step aids the lower cardstock in absorbing more color from the rainbow.

Remove the top piece of cardstock. Let the paper towel dry slightly, then lift it to reveal the colorful rainbow on the bottom page.

By the end of this project, you will possess three different pieces of artwork: the bottom page, the top page, and the paper towel itself.

Explore how the artwork shines in a sunny window for a lovely view!

Rainbow Books for Preschoolers

Adding a literary twist to our rainbow exploration, we’ve collected a special selection of readings that perfectly complement our art activity. These enchanting stories are not only filled with the magical hues of rainbows but also weave valuable lessons and ignite the imagination of young minds.

Each story is a treasure trove of adventures, characters, and colors that will inspire preschoolers to dream big and see the beauty in their world. Ready to turn the page to discovery?

What Makes a Rainbow? – In “What Makes a Rainbow? A Magic Ribbon Book”, a curious little rabbit sets out to discover the secrets behind a rainbow. With every page turn, a new color ribbon appears, guiding young readers through the vibrant hues that form this beautiful natural phenomenon.

Rainbows – The book “Rainbows: Amazing Sights of the Sky” delves into the fascinating science behind rainbows. Young readers will learn how these colorful arches form, exploring the interplay of light and water droplets that create this magical display.

Raindrops to Rainbow – “Raindrops to Rainbow” is a charming picture book that celebrates the colors all around us. Even on a rainy day, the book reminds young children of the vibrant world waiting to be discovered, culminating with the appearance of a beautiful rainbow.

Rainbow Preschool Worksheets

To extend the rainbow theme beyond our art project and into learning activities, we have prepared a delightful collection of rainbow-themed worksheets for our preschool friends. These engaging and colorful worksheets are designed to reinforce key preschool concepts such as counting, color identification, and pattern recognition in a fun and interactive way.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for classroom materials or a parent seeking educational activities for home, these worksheets are a perfect tool to brighten up the learning process. Get ready to add a splash of color to your educational activities with our rainbow worksheets!

And there we have it, an exciting and colorful venture into the world of preschool rainbow art, paired with enchanting rainbow books and interactive worksheets to enhance the learning experience. From creating masterpieces with markers and water to exploring tales filled with wonders and hues, this theme offers endless possibilities for creativity and learning.

It’s a beautiful reminder of the joy and curiosity that the simple wonders of the world, like rainbows, can inspire in young minds. Whether in the classroom or at home, these activities are sure to bring smiles, spark creativity, and maybe, just maybe, lead to a few magical moments of discovery.

Yield: 1

Preschool Rainbow Art

Preschool Rainbow Art

Discover the joy of preschool rainbow art with engaging activities that inspire creativity and learning in young children.

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • markers
  • paper towel
  • plastic mat


  • small bowl
  • dropper
  • plastic mat


  1. Protect your table with a plastic mat. Then put a clean piece of cardstock on top of it.
  2. Grab your paper towel and draw a big, bright rainbow with your markers.
  3. Fill your dropper with water and start squeezing out drops onto your rainbow. Watch the colors blend and spread – it's kind of like magic! You'll see some color on the cardstock underneath too.
  4. Once you're happy, lay another sheet of cardstock right on top of the wet paper towel and gently press it down. This will help the bottom page soak up even more color.
  5. Lift the top page off – ta-da! Now let the paper towel dry a bit, then peel it off to see your rainbow on the bottom page.


Bonus: You basically get three pieces of art – the bottom page, the top page, and even the paper towel itself! Try hanging your artwork in a sunny window for a cool stained-glass effect.

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