Picture Books About the Zoo

Let’s go to the zoo! If you can’t head to the zoo, you can read about it! Grab one or more of these fun picture books about the zoo, and snuggle up with your favorite little monkey.

Many of my favorite preschool outings revolve around trips to the zoo. We love watching the monkeys swinging in the trees. The penguins habitat is another of our favorites. And, who can resist sneaking a peek at the polar bears diving deep in the water tank.

As you begin planning your preschool zoo theme activities, be sure to make time to read a few great books about the zoo and the animals who live there.

Picture Books About the Zoo

Embark on a literary journey that brings you face-to-face with the enchanting world of zoos in our curated selection of books. These books offer a unique blend of education and entertainment, introducing readers to diverse animal species, their habitats, and behaviors.Whether you're an animal lover, a budding zoologist, or simply a curious reader, these books about the zoo will captivate your imagination, fostering a deeper appreciation for wildlife and the important role zoos play in conservation and education.

Round Out Your Zoo Theme with These Activities:

This Dr Seuss preschool snack idea is so much fun! These Put Me in the Zoo inspired cookies are as yummy as they are cute!

Download these free zoo-themed preschool math worksheets which focus on counting, adding and subtracting, and sequencing by attribute.

From craft templates to scavenger hunts and everything in between. Pique your little one’s interest in zoo animals with these zoo preschool theme printables

Zoo Animals Ideas for Kids

Add some plastic zoo animal figures to your pretend play area for kids to explore. They’ll have so much fun using them to act out zoo books or other imaginative play scenarios.

Read Do You Know Hank the Hippo, and let your preschoolers act out the story with an adorable crocheted hippo toy.

Set up a zoo animals sensory bin with this kit! Filled with a mixture of textures, bright and vibrant colors, this kit will let your little one explore for hours.

This wonderful collection of preschool books about the zoo presents a fantastic way to engage your little ones in the exciting world of animals. Not only will these stories entertain them, but they will also inspire curiosity and foster an early love for wildlife.

The colorful illustrations, engaging narratives, and kid-friendly facts make these books the perfect introduction to the magic of zoos. So go ahead, pick a book from this collection and take your child on a literary safari.

Who knows, you might just spark a lifelong passion for learning about our planet’s incredible animal kingdom!

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