Handprint Mothers Day Craft

Young kids love making gifts for others. Here’s a Mothers Day craft that is sure to become a treasured keepsake for many years to come.

Make several and give them as gifts to Grandma, aunts, and mom! They’ll all love this handprint keepsake!

md-handprint-1-683x1024 Handprint Mothers Day Craft

Handprint Mothers Day Craft

What You’ll Need

What to Do:

Begin by placing eight paint sticks in a row. Push them together as closely as possible. Use two paint sticks on the top and bottom to get them even.

Glue popsicle sticks at the top, bottom and in the middle. You’ll have to cut a small piece of a popsicle stick to secure the top and bottom. This will keep your paint sticks together and sturdy.

Turn your paint sticks over and paint the entire front white. Allow your sticks to dry completely. Add a second coat if needed so the wood doesn’t show through.

Beginning-Steps Handprint Mothers Day Craft

Use a paintbrush to coat your child’s hand in red paint. Don’t use so much paint that it’s dripping but use enough that you’ll get a good print.

Gently guide your child’s hand to one side of your paint stick canvas towards the middle and firmly press down. Lift your child’s hand up immediately to prevent smearing the paint.

Don’t rinse off the red paint! Use some white paint and mix it around with the rest of the red paint on your child’s hand to create a pink handprint. Follow the step above. Place the pink handprint next to the red handprint.

Flowers Handprint Mothers Day Craft

Rinse your child’s hand off thoroughly.

Use a paintbrush to coat your child’s fingers (not thumb) in the light green paint.

Have your child press their fingers across the bottom of your paint stick canvas to create grass. Repeat these steps with the dark green paint.

Paint stems on your flowers, and let your child use their thumbprints to create leaves.

Allow your child to write a message across the top with a permanent marker. Your paint stick canvas is finished and ready to be given as a beautiful gift!

Who will your child give this Mothers Day craft to?


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