Monkey Books for Preschool

What a great collection of monkey books for preschool! It includes both fiction and nonfiction books for your upcoming animal studies!

If your kids are anything like mine, they love monkeys. They especially adore reading about monkeys. So let’s learn all about monkeys with these delightful monkey books for kids!

monkey-books-for-preschool Monkey Books for Preschool

Monkey Books for Preschool

Below, I’ve featured just a handful of children’s books about monkeys that will help your child learn more about these funny animals.

You should be able to find these stories about monkeys at your local library or book store. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

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The Lucky Monkey – Troy is a Lucky Monkey. He gets into all sorts of trouble and never gets hurt! He’s a lucky monkey! But his mom keeps asking him to think before he acts because his luck won’t hold forever. Will Troy ever learn to think first?

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed – Do you know what happens when five little monkeys decide to jump on the bed instead of going to sleep? Read and find out!

Grumpy Monkey – If you’ve ever had a child wake up in a bad mood, then you’ll love this book! Jim the Chimpanzee woke up in a bad mood and nothing his friends do will cheer him up. Grumpy Monkey is a wonderful book to start a conversation about feelings with your preschoolers.

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Little Monkey Calms Down – Learning to calm down isn’t an inborn skill. It’s one all children need to learn. And in Little Monkey Calms Down, your child will watch Little Monkey recover from a meltdown using a few calming techniques.

The Monkeys Who Tried Kindness – A pack of monkeys is horrible to each other. They fight. They bite. And they never share. Will they ever learn to be kind to each other?

Howard B. Wigglebottom and the Monkey on his Back: A Tale About Telling the Truth – Sometimes it’s easier to lie than tell the truth. But is lying truly the best solution? Read and find out!

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Good Night, Good Night – Little Monkey is wide awake. How is Little Monkey every going to get to sleep? This gentle rhyming book will help your child settle down and get to sleep at night.

Catch the Moon – Instead of going to bed, a little monkey decides to catch the moon. Can you help him?

Goodnight, Gorilla – I cannot tell you how many times I have read this book. My son loves to watch the mischievous gorilla letting the animals out of their cages at night. And what do the animals do when they’re let out of their cages? The same thing small children do!

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Monkeys: Amazing Facts About Monkeys – Did you know that the Colobus monkeys don’t have thumbs? You and your child will learn amazing facts about a wide variety of monkeys in this fascinating book!

Monkeys – Monkeys walks you through the behavior, lifestyle, and environment of monkeys in the wild in an easy reader perfect for preschoolers.

Hang-on Monkey – This bright and colorful book teaches preschoolers how monkeys live and play!

childrens-books-about-monkeys Monkey Books for Preschool

Round Out Your Unit with These Activities

This collection of monkey printables contains crafts, learning activities, and more! Everything you need to build a monkey unit for your preschoolers.

Focusing on the letter M or studying monkeys and zoo animals? This pack of free printable preschool monkey activities makes a great addition to your theme.

Don’t miss these monkey activities for preschoolers! They’re perfect for your M is for Monkey units, animal studies, and more!

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