Humpty Dumpty Literacy Activities

These Humpty Dumpty literacy activities are a great way to add rhymes, syllables, and CVC words to your nursery rhyme unit.

Kids often learn better with hands-on activities. These literacy activities for preschoolers provide a fun way to practice literacy skills.

Your kids will sort, match, and clip there way through three fun, hands-on activities that will boost their early reading skills.

These Humpty Dumpty literacy activities are a great way to add rhymes, syllables, and CVC words to your nursery rhyme unit. 

Add these preschool literacy activities to your collection of free preschool printables. Then, add them to your spring (egg), nursery rhyme, or Letter H preschool and kindergarten lessons.

Humpty Dumpty Literacy Activities

I recommend printing all three of these nursery rhymes activities for preschool on cardstock and laminating them for durability. Cut them apart (I prefer a paper cutter), and store each activity in a binder pouch or zipper bag for convenience.

Rhyming Words Matching Game

To play the rhyming words matching game, print and laminate the pages. Cut apart the cards. The goal of this activity is to determine whether or not each set of images rhymes.

Spread out the cards, and have your child choose one. Have your child name each object on the card – sock and clock or box and moon, for example.

If the images rhyme, place it on the “Rhymes” sorting card. If they don’t rhyme, place the card on the “does not rhyme” sorting card.

Continue until all cards have been sorted. You can make this a self-checking activity by placing matching stickers on the back of all the cards that rhyme and a different sticker on all of the cards to don’t rhyme.

Once the kids have completed the sort, they can turn the cards over to be sure all the stickers in each set are the same.

Counting Syllables

As with the last activity, I suggest printing and laminating these pages before cutting them apart. Before starting this activity with your kids, I suggest going over each of the images to make sure your child can name them all.

Now, spread the cards out, and have your child choose one. Say the name of the item, clapping the syllables if necessary. Then, place the card on the correct sorting mat. Continue in this manner until all of the cards have been sorted.

This, too, can be made into a self-checking activity by putting matching stickers on the back of each set of cards according to the number of syllables.

CVC Word Clip Cards

These, too, should be printed, laminated, and cut apart. Kids will read the CVC word at the top of each card and clip the matching picture.

To make this a self-checking activity, put a sticker on the back of the correct picture. Then, have kids flip the card to see if they’ve clipped the sticker.


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Teaching Resources

Meet Humpty Dumpty! Sew this lovable Humpty Dumpty plush toy and the classic nursery rhyme character will come to life! A charming and unique gift to sew for babies and children, this Humpty Dumpty doll is designed for real play. With this sewing pattern you’ll make a machine washable, durable toy that will hold up for years to come.

For years, children have loved the classic Nursery Rhyme about Humpty Dumpty. Now share that love with your child or preschool class. Share the classic tales that you grew up on. Use this Humpty Dumpty felt board set with your class or child to help in memorization, language development and sequencing.

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