Free Number Worksheets for Kindergarten

Our fun and engaging free number worksheets for kindergarten are designed to help young learners master numbers 11-20.

As a parent, teacher, or early childhood educator, you understand the importance of number recognition in a child’s mathematical development.

These worksheets are more than just a way to keep your child busy; they’re powerful learning tools designed to cultivate a strong foundation in numeracy.

Along with these, our number activities for preschoolers serve as a stepping stone, enabling the smooth transition from understanding basic numbers to recognizing higher numbers.

Let’s take a closer look at how these worksheets can make learning numbers a fun and interactive experience for your child.

Before delving into the details of these worksheets, it’s important to understand the learning progression they encapsulate.

The journey from recognizing single-digit numbers to confidently identifying numbers 11-20 is a significant milestone in a child’s mathematical journey.

These free printables are designed to reinforce number recognition and counting skills using visually appealing illustrations, helping children associate numbers with quantities.

Moreover, these resources cater to different learning styles, ensuring that every child gets an equal opportunity to grasp these fundamental concepts.

Now, let’s explore how these worksheets can become your child’s perfect companion to learning numbers.

Teaching Numbers 11-20

Our number recognition worksheets for the range 11-20 are crafted with engaging visuals and simple tasks that make learning a joyous experience.

Each worksheet focuses on one number at a time, helping the child understand the number’s significance and place value. For instance, the sheet for the number ’11’ will encourage the child to identify the number 11 among other numbers.

To summarize, these worksheets provide a comprehensive learning approach that is both fun and effective.

Your child will have a strong grasp of numbers 11-20 in no time, setting them up for success in their future mathematical endeavors.

What You’ll Need

  • crayons
  • bingo chips
  • dot markers

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Number Worksheets for Kindergarten

We’ve gathered an assortment of links that lead you to an even richer trove of number recognition activities custom-designed for kindergarteners.

These resources are meticulously crafted to enhance your child’s understanding of numbers, making learning an exciting journey, not just a routine task.

Let’s delve deeper and explore the fascinating universe of numbers with our number worksheets for kindergarten!

Strengthening Visual Discrimination with Number Printables

Our number printables play a pivotal role in strengthening visual discrimination skills in children. The worksheets demand keen observation, enabling children to pick out specific numbers from a group.

This activity not only solidifies number identification but also enhances the child’s ability to discern subtle visual details—an essential skill in daily life.

As children navigate through these engaging exercises, they are unknowingly honing their visual discrimination skills, setting the foundation for future learning success.

Number Activities for Kindergarten

Are you looking for fun and engaging number activities for your kindergartener? Look no further!

Our Count and Match activity involves counting objects and matching them to the correct number, effectively bridging the gap between counting and number recognition.

Number Tracing worksheets are another great tool where children can practice writing numbers, helping to improve their handwriting and familiarity with numbers.

Another exciting activity is Number Bingo, a game that not only promotes number recognition but also enhances listening skills and quick response times.

We also offer Connect the Dots activities, where children join numbers in sequential order to reveal a hidden picture. This is an excellent method for familiarizing your child with number sequences.

Lastly, our Number Collage activity encourages children to create a collage using items representing a specific number, combining creativity with numerical comprehension.

With these activities, your child will have a plethora of tools to become comfortable with numbers in no time.

These number worksheets and activities for kindergarten are more than just tools for learning; they are gateways to a world of numeracy, enhancing cognitive skills, and instilling a love for learning in your child.

They blend enjoyment with education, making the process of learning numbers an exciting adventure rather than a tedious task.

By incorporating these resources into your child’s learning journey, you’re not only providing them with a strong foundation in number recognition but also enriching their overall learning experience.

So gear up, embrace these fun-filled resources and watch as your kindergarten learner blossoms into a confident mathematician!

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