Fall Color by Number Worksheets

Preschoolers can work on number recognition and color words with these fall color by number worksheets. Add them to your autumn lessons.

These fun math activity pages are a great addition to your upcoming preschool lessons. Preschoolers will love these color by number worksheets.

Not only will these preschool math pages keep your preschoolers busy, but they’ll help reinforce early math and motor skills, as well.

These color by code pages will make a great addition to your fall printables for preschool and kindergarten kiddos.

Fall Color by Number Worksheets

Color by number math pages are perfect for keeping little ones busy while working on number recognition (1-10) and color words. This pack includes eight color by code worksheets.

These color by number pages provide a great opportunity to talk about all things fall – squirrels, pumpkins, apples, and much more.

If your kids like enjoy coloring, be sure to check out these autumn coloring pages.

Print these worksheets for your young learners. I like to print them on standard printer paper.

Grab your preferred coloring medium. I prefer for my kids to use crayons – Crayola crayons to be exact. I think Crayola crayons color smoother than any other brand.

Your children can also use markers or colored pencils, if you’d prefer.

Preparing the Pages

All you’ll need to do to prepare these printables is print them out! That’s it! They are ready for use straight out of the printer.

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What is Included?

This color by number pack includes eight worksheets for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It features the numbers 1-10. The worksheets also feature all the colors of the rainbow plus black, grey, brown, tan, and pink.

What’s Taught in This Pack?

This preschool math pack includes eight pages. Kids will practice identifying numbers 1-10 as well as reading color words.

They’ll strengthen motor skills as they color each space on the page.

Expand the Learning

The pages in this pack include various autumn-themed graphics. You can expand the learning with some of the following activities:

Number Recognition

To provide further practice with number recognition, check out this awesome collection of preschool number worksheets.

This page includes all of the number worksheets I’ve created to date.

Color Words

These free color words puzzles are perfect for helping kids recognize and read color words.


Preschoolers can practice counting and number recognition with these free printable scarecrow math worksheets for little ones.


Strengthen motor skills while learning shapes with this preschool apple printable. Kids will love using dot markers to make eight fun shapes!


These sunflower life cycle counting mats are a fun way to review the stages of the life cycle while working on one-to-one correspondence and counting.


Practice counting from one to ten with this fun pumpkin counting activity for preschoolers. Hands-on learning for the fall.


As the leaves change color and a crisp breeze fills the air, autumn becomes a magical season for young minds to explore.

Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or simply a lover of children’s literature, these books are sure to spark curiosity, imagination, and a sense of wonder in your little ones.

So, grab a warm mug of apple cider, snuggle up with your little reader, and let’s embark on an adventure through the pages of these captivating tales.

Fall is calling, and the stories are waiting to unfold!

Hello, Harvest MoonAwesome Autumn: All Kinds of Fall Facts and Fun (Season Facts and Fun)Fall Mixed Up (Carolrhoda Picture Books)


Hello, Harvest Moon – While tired farmers and their families are in bed, the harvest moon silently climbs into the sky and starts working its magic. For some, it is the nightly signal to rise and shine. It is time to hunt, to work, or to play in the shadows. For a little girl and her cat, it is an invitation to enjoy the wonders of the night and a last flood of light before the short days of winter set in.

 Awesome Autumn – Autumn is awesome! Leaves change color. Animals fly south or get ready to hibernate. People harvest crops and dress up as scary creatures for Halloween. And then there are pickup football games to play, Thanksgiving foods to eat, leaf piles to jump in―all the amazing things that happen as the air turns crisp and cool.

Fall Mixed Up – Fall is all mixed up in this silly book from Bob Raczka! Can you find his mistakes in the words and pictures?

Fall Activities for Preschoolers

When it comes to a fall preschool theme, there are plenty of activities that can engage and entertain young children while encouraging their curiosity and learning.

Here are some ideas to add to your fall-themed curriculum:

Leaf Exploration: Take the children on a nature walk to collect different types of leaves in various colors and shapes. Let them examine the leaves closely and discuss their findings, such as the different patterns, sizes, and textures.

Apple Tasting: Introduce children to different varieties of apples and let them taste and compare the flavors. You can also involve them in making simple apple recipes like apple slices with cinnamon or homemade applesauce.

Pumpkin Decorating: Provide small pumpkins for each child and let them explore their creativity by painting or decorating the pumpkins using various materials like stickers, glitter, or yarn.

Sensory Bins: Create a fall sensory bin filled with dried corn kernels, leaves, acorns, and small gourds. Allow the children to explore the textures, sort and count the items, and use their imagination to create scenes or stories.

Fall Crafts: Engage children in simple crafts inspired by fall, such as making paper leaf collages, creating handprint turkeys, or constructing scarecrows using popsicle sticks and craft materials.

Harvest Dramatic Play: Set up a fall-themed pretend play area where children can take on roles as farmers, gardeners, or bakers. Provide props like baskets, toy fruits and vegetables, gardening tools, and aprons to enhance their experience.

Fall Science Experiments: Conduct simple science experiments related to fall, such as observing the process of leaves changing colors in jars of water or exploring the concept of sink or float using fall-themed objects like mini pumpkins or pinecones.

Fall Story Time: Read aloud fall-themed books to the children and engage them in discussions about the changing seasons, harvest traditions, or animals preparing for winter. Encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings about fall.

Remember to adapt the activities to suit the age and developmental stage of the children in your preschool.

These hands-on experiences will not only promote sensory exploration but also develop fine motor skills, scientific thinking, creativity, and social interaction.

Have fun embracing the wonders of fall with your little learners!

Fall color by numbers is a fantastic activity for preschoolers to engage in during the autumn season. Not only does it help them develop their number recognition and fine motor skills, but it also allows them to explore the vibrant colors of fall in a fun and creative way.

Whether they’re coloring a pumpkin, a leaf, or a scarecrow, these color by numbers activities provide a great opportunity for children to learn about and appreciate the beauty of nature during this special time of year.

So, gather your coloring supplies and get ready to embark on a colorful adventure with your little ones this fall! Happy coloring!

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