Fall Books for Preschoolers

As we near the end of summer, fill your book basket with some of our favorite fall books for preschoolers. It’s filled with both fiction and nonfiction selections.

One of my favorite things to do with little ones is to head to the library and stock up on seasonal books. Right now, with fall just around the corner, there is a plethora of books to choose from.

Today, however, we will focus on just fall-themed books. Snuggle up with your little ones and read about autumn and leaves, squirrels and pumpkins.

Fall Picture Books

Below, I’ve featured just a handful of fall books for kids that will help your preschoolers celebrate all the wonders of fall.

You should be able to find them at your local library or book store. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

Fall LeavesFall Mixed Up (Carolrhoda Picture Books)Let It Fall

Fall Leaves – Unlock the secrets of this busy and beautiful time of year as the natural world makes way for winter.

Fall Mixed Up -Fall is all mixed up in this silly book from Bob Raczka! Can you find his mistakes in the words and pictures?

Let It Fall – The leaves turn red, brown, and orange, then drift down from the trees. It is time to go apple picking and on hayrides at the county fair. Fall is finally here!

I Love Fall!: A Touch-and-Feel Board BookMouse's First Fall (Classic Board Books)Autumn

I Love FallFrom woolly scarves and plump orange pumpkins to crunchy leaves and smooth wicker baskets, readers will delight in all the different textures fall has to offer.

Mouse’s First Fall –  One cool day Mouse and Minka venture out to play. From leaves of all colors — red, yellow, orange, and brown — to leaves of all shapes and sizes — from pointy to round — Mouse learns that fall is a season full of fun! And before the day is done he just might take the biggest “leap” of all.

Autumn Full of fun, active illustrations, this chunky board book shows the joys of playing in leaves, collecting conkers, flying kites and making jam.

It's Fall! (Celebrate the Seasons)Fall (Seasons)Autumn is here!

It’s Fall! A child experiences the colors and textures of fall. Includes nature activities to do during that season.

FallWhat happens to leaves during fall? Read this book to find out what happens in the fall.

Autumn is Here! Celebrate the coming of autumn with your child as you cuddle up and enjoy a sweet look at how the world changes along with the season.

Awesome Autumn: All Kinds of Fall Facts and Fun (Season Facts and Fun)A Is for AutumnHow Do You Know It's Fall? (Rookie Read-About Science: Seasons)

Awesome Autumn –  Autumn is awesome! Leaves change color. Animals fly south or get ready to hibernate. People harvest crops and dress up as scary creatures for Halloween. And then there are pickup football games to play, Thanksgiving foods to eat, leaf piles to jump in–all the amazing things that happen as the air turns crisp and cool.

A is for Autumn – Perfect for preschoolers, this alphabet book features the special and often magical moments of the season–complete with apples, leaves, frost and more.

How Do You Know It’s Fall?  Covering everything from weather patterns to animal behaviors to seasonal activities, How Do You Know Its Fall? gives readers (Ages 6-7) an in-depth look at this season of change.

Tractor Mac: Autumn Is HereFall Is Here!Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Tractor Mac: Autumn is Here – Fergus the calf doesn’t want autumn to come to Stony Meadow Farm. Not if it means the cornstalks are cut, the trees lose their leaves, and his bird friends migrate away. Why can’t things just stay the same?

Fall is Here! – Fall is here! Discover colorful leaves, friendly scarecrows, yummy pies, and all the things that make Fall so special in this beautiful board book.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves – As the leaves fall from his favorite tree, Fletcher worries that something is terribly wrong. But then winter comes, and with it a wonderful surprise.

Which of these fall preschool books will you read first?


Fill your preschool math centers with these autumn count and clip cards. Crows, pumpkins, sunflowers, and leaves adorn the cards in this printable bundle!

Leaves, scarecrows, apples, pumpkins and more. These easy activities and crafts are perfect along side your autumn preschool lessons!

If the leaves are starting to change colors in your area, add one or more of these autumn leaves activities for toddlers and preschoolers to your lessons!

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