Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft

These textured Easter eggs are adorable!  This easy tissue paper Easter egg craft uses just a few craft supplies that you’ve already got on hand.

Be sure to add this fun craft to your preschool Easter activities. I love that little ones can customize this Easter craft with their favorite colors and patterns.

The possibilities are endless making this craft unique to each kiddo who gives it a try! 

This week, I’ve had fun sharing Easter crafts with you guys. Did you see the Easter Egg paper plate craft? What about the felt Easter Egg candy pouches?

I hope you’ve been able to find a few that your preschoolers can make this season. 

tissue-paper-egg-1-683x1024 Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft

Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft

Learning to crumple tissue paper without tearing takes a little practice. So, you may want to give your little one a few squares to practice with before they start glueing. 

Also, using a paper cutter will make quick work of cutting the paper. This might be important if you’re working with a classroom full of kiddos. 

What You’ll Need

What You’ll Do

To make these eggs, you can use scraps of paper you have on hand. Tissue paper, wrapping paper, and construction paper work well.

Just cut them into small squares – about 3cmX3cm will do. Or, you can purchase precut tissue paper squares to make things easier. 

tissue-paper-crafts Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft

Take a square and have your preschooler crumple it into a small ball. Keep going until you have LOTS of paper squares. You will need a bunch of them for this project. 

The template (below) includes two different egg shapes. Choose your desired size and trace it onto your cardstock. Cut out your egg shape(s) with scissors. 

crumpled-paper-craft Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft

Start glueing the crumpled paper balls onto your egg shape. I prefer to paint one stripe of glue at a time so the glue doesn’t dry before the kids are finished.

Also, I prefer to start at the top of the egg and work my way down so kids aren’t putting their hands in the wet glue as they work. Continue until the whole egg is covered.

Once the egg is covered with crumpled paper balls, let the glue dry for about an hour. Now, it’s ready to be put on display. 

tissue-paper-easter-egg Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft


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tissue-paper-easter-egg-5 Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft

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