30 Awesome Dr Seuss Preschool Worksheets

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss. His stories are funny and oftentimes a little quirky, and they grab young readers’ attention with their silly illustrations and nonsensical words.

I love using Dr. Seuss books in my homeschool preschool lessons because they are great for introducing so many concepts from colors and counting to animals and rhyming words.

If you, too, love Dr. Seuss, you’ll love these Dr. Seuss preschool printables that I’ve discovered. There are over 30 to choose from!

dr-seuss-preschool-worksheets 30 Awesome Dr Seuss Preschool Worksheets

Make practicing letters and numbers for fun with these Dr Seuss preschool worksheets! They are the perfect addition to your homeschool preschool plans!


I released a Dr. Seuss pack for tots and preschoolers earlier this year. It’s full of learning activities like puzzles, mazes, do-a-dot pages, and more.

This preschool fun pack contains puzzles, coloring pages, prewriting practice, and more.

A Dr. Seuss Game Pack that features tic-tac-toe, bingo, and a matching game.

Practice matching rhyming pairs with this printable.

Encourage your little ones to read with these Dr. Seuss-themed bookmarks.

While some of the pages in this lapbook based on The Lorax will be too difficult for preschoolers, there are plenty of activities they CAN do.

Count the stripes on the Truffula trees, and then match the correct tree topper in this Lorax inspired counting activity.

This is a free printable Dr. Seuss maze activity for kids with a Lorax theme.

Here’s a fun Lorax preschool unit and one for tots, too.

Print out these truffula tree counting and colors books.

Here’s a fun counting activity based on One Fish Two Fish that I created last year.

This activity pack contains graphing practicing, games, patterns, counting, and much more!

dr-seuss-preschool-printables 30 Awesome Dr Seuss Preschool Worksheets

Here’s another One Fish Two Fish inspired counting game.

This free goldfish printable pack will have preschoolers color sorting, counting to ten, making patterns, and more!

This activity pack contains activities that focus on the water cycle, stranger safety, telling the truth, rhyming words, and more.

Kids will love practicing their ABCs with this fun printable game. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters.

I love this fun Cat in the Hat writing prompt. The primary lines make it perfect for young writers.

Here are three Cat in the Hat math mats for a variety of learning opportunities.

This graphing activity will have kids practicing counting, one-to-one correspondence, and terms such as least/most.

After reading the story, little ones can draw their dream pet and answer questions about it with this activity.

Print out the activity page, and have your child match each pet to its environment.

Here’s a free 8-page learning pack that includes literacy and numeracy activities.

dr-seuss-worksheets-for-pre-k 30 Awesome Dr Seuss Preschool Worksheets

Encourage your little ones to try new foods with this Would You Eat it? activity.

This printable mini-book helps your young readers focus on rhyming words.

There are three versions of this Ten Apples Up on Top counting activity so you can use it with younger and older preschoolers.

This activity pack features the following themes: counting, matching, addition, position words, and more.

With over 30 Dr Seuss preschool worksheets on this list, how will you EVER decide which ones to do first?

One-Fish-Two-Fish-ABC-Match 30 Awesome Dr Seuss Preschool Worksheets dr-seuss-activities-for-kindergarten 30 Awesome Dr Seuss Preschool Worksheets 1-Fish-2-Fish-PIN 30 Awesome Dr Seuss Preschool Worksheets

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