Crafts to Teach Letter B

Don’t miss this amazing collection of crafts to teach Letter B featuring 20 different “Bb” words! They’re perfect for your Letter of the Week plans!

This collection of preschool crafts and art projects is so much fun! There are more than 30 crafts to go with 20 different “b is for…” themes. Many of them incorporate the letter into the craft itself. 

Your preschoolers will have so much fun creating paper plate bananas and bears, painting with bubbles, cardboard tube bats, and so much more!

If you don’t teach with the Letter of the Week method, that’s okay. These crafts go well with your units on bears, construction (bulldozer), spring (butterfly and bird), and sports (basketball, baseball, and ballerina). 

Crafts to Teach Letter B

There are a lot of fun crafts you can do to teach your child the letter B.

Below, you'll find more than twenty creative ideas to get you started.

Round Out Your Unit with These Activities:

Preschoolers will have fun learning about 8 types of bears in this Let’s Learn About Bears preschool unit study! There are enough activities to span a week or more! 

With spring coming up and flowers about to bloom, it’s the perfect time to learn all about butterflies. Some of these butterfly books teach about the life cycle.

Fly on over and check out these adorable crafts featuring bees for kids. They’re perfect for spring and summer crafting sessions.

Alphabet Books

Alphabet books are a great way to help preschoolers and kindergarteners learn their letters. And they don’t have to be boring, either!

There are all sorts of fun and engaging alphabet books out there, from books that teach the letters through rhyming verses to books that feature adorable animals.

Alphabet books can also be a great way for parents and caregivers to bond with their little ones. Reading together is always a special time, and it’s even more special when you’re sharing a book that’s helping your child learn something new.

So whether you’re looking for a gift for a preschooler in your life or you just want to add some new titles to your home library, be sure to check out some alphabet books for kids!

• ABC’s for Boys – This one of a kind, hand illustrated alphabet book combines letters with all of boys’ favorite things–airplanes, dump trucks, and more!

Alpha Oops! The Day Z Went First  – It’s chaos! It’s pandemonium! And it’s definitely not as easy as A-B-C! Here’s a snappy story about the comic confusion that comes when the letters of the alphabet, like a class of unruly children, step out of order and show that each one has a mind of its own.

• Pinkalicious ABC – A is for Apple. B is for Bubble Bath. C is for Cupcake. What could be better than learning your ABC’s with Pinkalicious in this pinkamazing board book?

What activities can I do with my preschooler to help them learn the alphabet?

This sweet set of 26 fabric letters is a great way for your child to play and learn the alphabet. Safe for all ages. And can be machine washed and dried using a small mesh bag. 

These epoxy sprinkle letters are so much fun! They can be used in sensory bins , alongside educational activities, or on their own! 26 letters included!

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