Counting with a Leprechaun

This St. Patrick’s Day, bring a little leprechaun learning fun into your preschool day. With our brand new free preschool printables, your children are going to have so much fun counting with a leprechaun!

As you plan out your spring math lessons, these worksheets can help your preschoolers practice number recognition and counting to ten. Each page features adorable little leprechauns and a set of objects for counting.

Your preschoolers will count each set of objects and identify the correct number in the box provided. They can use crayons to color the leprechauns, as well.

Counting with a Leprechaun

These free printables are designed to make learning numbers and counting fun and engaging for young learners.

Don’t miss out on this fun way to incorporate St. Patrick’s Day into your preschool curriculum while also teaching important math skills.

Download our new counting worksheets today and let the leprechaun learning begin!

Completing the Activity

To get started, simply print out the worksheets on regular printer paper.

Provide your child with a set of crayons and encourage them to color the leprechauns before counting the cupcakes in each set.

Once they have counted and identified the correct number, they can also practice writing the number on the back of each page.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just about leprechauns and pots of gold; it’s a fantastic opportunity to engage preschoolers in a variety of stimulating activities that can help develop their skills in a playful and thematic way.

Leprechaun Books for Kids

Diving into the magical world of stories is a wonderful way to complement any festive occasion, and St. Patrick’s Day is no different!

Picture books filled with vibrant illustrations and enchanting tales capture the imagination of little ones, whisking them away to a world of wonders.

By reading together, you’re not just introducing your preschoolers to the joys of the holiday; you’re also helping to nurture a lifelong love for reading, enriching their vocabulary, and sparking creativity.

So gather around, cozy up, and get ready to embark on some shamrock-filled literary adventures that are perfect for the season.

Thing One, Thing Two and the Leprechaun (Dr. Seuss's Things Board Books)Thing One, Thing Two and the Leprechaun (Dr. Seuss's Things Board Books)The Itsy Bitsy LeprechaunThe Itsy Bitsy LeprechaunTen Lucky LeprechaunsTen Lucky Leprechauns


Dr. Seuss’s Thing One, Thing Two, and the LeprechaunIn the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss, Thing One and Thing Two are mischievous characters who bring excitement and chaos in equal measure, much to the delight of young readers. They encounter a playful leprechaun who introduces an element of magical mischief, underscoring the joy and imagination inherent in childhood adventures.

The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun – In “The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun,” little ones embark on a charming journey alongside the itsy bitsy leprechaun who is busy preparing for St. Patrick’s Day. This delightful story unfolds with rhythm and rhyme, inviting preschoolers to explore the festive spirit and traditions of this magical holiday through captivating and colorful illustrations.

Ten Lucky Leprechauns – “Ten Lucky Leprechauns” is an enchanting count-along adventure that captures the hearts of children as they follow ten spirited leprechauns on their journey towards a pot of gold. With each page, young readers are invited to practice their counting skills, while being immersed in a world of vibrant colors and playful rhymes that spark the imagination.

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

Get ready to unleash creativity and imagination with our handpicked selection of St. Patrick’s Day crafts perfect for little hands!

Crafting together not only cultivates your preschoolers’ fine motor skills but also gives you a golden opportunity to bond and create lasting memories.

Each project is a fun-filled way to bring the spirit of this festive holiday into your home or classroom. So, grab your craft supplies and let’s sprinkle some St. Patrick’s Day magic with these delightful activities that your kids will treasure more than a leprechaun’s pot of gold!

Handprint Leprechaun – This easy-to-follow activity encourages creativity and the development of fine motor skills, making it a perfect hands-on project for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Gather some paper, paint, and a dash of imagination as your preschoolers delight in seeing their handprints come to life as the legendary Irish figures.

Preschool Shamrock Craft – Bring a dash of fine motor skill development into your St. Patrick’s Day festivities with our charming Shamrock Lacing Craft! Your preschoolers will beam with pride as they weave colorful yarn through pre-punched holes, creating a whimsical shamrock they can display. It’s a simple, fun, and educational activity that’s just perfect for little hands.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt is an exhilarating way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and stimulate young children’s problem-solving skills. Hide some golden coins around your home or classroom and create simple clues that will lead your preschoolers on an exciting journey to find the leprechaun’s “pot of gold.” This hands-on activity is not only thrilling but also encourages kids to work together, building their social skills and sense of community.

Why not turn snack time into a festive event? With a little food coloring, you can craft a Rainbow Fruit Platter with arcs of colorful fruits leading to a small bowl of marshmallows or yogurt, to represent the clouds. It’s a deliciously creative way to talk about colors, healthy eating, and the lore of the rainbow’s end, engaging both the taste buds and the imagination of your little ones.

Lastly, bring the enchantment of St. Patrick’s Day into your space with Homemade Shamrock Streamers. Cut out shamrock shapes from green paper with your preschoolers and let them decorate with stickers, glitter, or markers. String them together and hang up your garlands to add a sparkle of Irish charm to your surroundings. It’s a superb activity for practicing scissor skills and celebrating the joy of the holiday!

As the luck of the Irish would have it, we’ve found a pot of gold in these delightful Counting with a Leprechaun worksheets! Whether you’re a parent looking to infuse some St. Patrick’s Day excitement into your little one’s learning, or a teacher aiming to bring thematic fun to your classroom, these free printables strike gold.

They’re not only a joy to look at with their cheerful leprechauns and vibrant objects, but they’re also a treasure trove of learning, offering an enchanting way to develop those vital early math skills.

Download your set today and let your preschoolers embark on a math adventure with a sprinkle of festive charm! Remember, every number counted is a step towards creating confident, math-loving learners and who knows, you just might find that the journey is as rewarding as a leprechaun’s legendary pot of gold.

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