Color by Shape Printable

Color by shape printables are an engaging and effective way to teach children about colors and shapes.

In addition to providing sensory stimulation, these printables encourage critical thinking skills such as problem-solving, pattern recognition, spatial reasoning, and visual discrimination.

Students can also develop their fine motor skills through coordination and precision when coloring each section on the page. 

In addition to the educational benefits of these printables, they can also be used for creative expression.

By offering preschoolers an interesting way to learn about colors and shapes, our printables are an invaluable tool for teachers looking to foster student engagement!

Teaching Shapes

Inside this set of transportation-themed color by shape worksheets, you’ll receive the following pages:

  • airplane color by shapes page
  • train color by shapes page
  • sailboat color by shapes page
  • hot air balloon color by shapes page
  • helicopter color by shapes page

These worksheets are the perfect addition to your shapes and/or transportation themed activities.


  • printer
  • printer paper
  • crayons or colored pencils

To prepare this activity, print out your desired page(s). Present the page(s) to your preschoolers with the appropriate crayons and colored pencils.


To complete the activity, students will identify the first shape in the color code. Then, they’ll identify the color word beside the shape.

Next, they’ll color all of the sections containing that shape with the color noted in the color code.

Continue in this manner until all of the sections are colored in.

Benefits of Color by Shapes Pages

Color by shape worksheets offer a variety of benefits to children. These unique worksheets help children improve fine motor skills, as they color in the areas provided.

Color by shape worksheets also help children develop problem-solving capabilities, as they recognize the shapes and color words. Such activities require logical thinking and reasoning, thus aiding in the development of cognitive skills.

Additionally, these worksheets can help children to practice identifying colors, shapes, and patterns. This is important for further academic studies, which often involve the recognition of similar objects or symbols.

Color by shape worksheets are also effective in nurturing creativity in young learners; as they search for different hues and shades that match each shape assigned to them.

Overall, color by shape worksheets are an effective tool for teaching various skills such as recognizing shapes and colors; problem-solving abilities; creative thinking; fine motor skill development; collaboration; communication and socialization while providing opportunities for fun learning experiences!

Teaching Shapes

Preschool teachers can use a variety of activities to teach shapes to their students.

One such activity is a shape scavenger hunt. For this simple game, teachers can draw and cut out several different shapes from construction paper, such as triangles, circles, squares, rectangles and more. The teacher can then hide the shapes around the classroom and have the students take turns finding them. Once all of the shapes have been collected, they can be sorted by type for an introduction to basic shapes.

Another fun activity for introducing shapes to students is a shape-matching memory game. The teacher should print out several sets of cards featuring pictures of different shapes and laminate them for durability. Then place all of the cards face down on a table. Have students take turns flipping over two cards at a time in an attempt to find matching pairs. If a student finds a match, he or she gets to keep that pair. If they don’t find a match, the cards are turned back over for another student’s turn. This activity helps reinforce what each shape looks like in various contexts while also aiding in memorization skills

Shape bingo is another great way to engage preschoolers while teaching them about shapes. This classic game requires only some printed bingo boards with illustrations of various shapes and several markers or pieces of candy (or other small items) which will act as “markers” during gameplay. Each board should feature nine spaces with three rows containing three images/shapes each. To play, the teacher calls out various shapes while players mark that shape on their boards with their markers until someone reaches ‘bingo’ first! This type of activity helps introduce basic geometric concepts while also encouraging social interaction amongst peers in a fun way through competition!

Shape Books for Kids

Shape books for kids are a great way to introduce children to basic geometry concepts in an age-appropriate, stimulating way.

These books can provide fun activities for preschoolers and young elementary school kids, as well as more challenging tasks for older children.

The best shape books for kids often contain bright, vivid illustrations that help bring the concepts to life and inspire curiosity.

In addition to teaching the basic shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and rectangles, many of these books also explore other complex geometric shapes like pentagons, hexagons and octagons.

Many of these books also include activities that allow children to practice tracing or copying the different shapes as they work through the book.

Color by shape printables are a fun and educational way to teach children about colors and shapes.

Not only do they provide sensory stimulation, but they also encourage critical thinking skills while developing fine motor skills through coordination and precision.

Additionally, color-by-shape printables can be used for creative expression as well, giving preschoolers an interesting way to learn while engaging in creativity.

With all the positive benefits of using this activity in the classroom, it’s no wonder why teachers rely on these colorful worksheets as an invaluable teaching tool!

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