Color by Number Space

Looking for a fun way to help your preschooler practice color words and number recognition? Check out these free printable color by number space worksheets!

Each color by number worksheet has a different space-themed scene designed to help little ones practice important early learning skills such as identifying colors and recognizing numbers up to seven.

Try out all six sheets for hours of interstellar fun!

Preschoolers are busy little explorers, and they are always on the go! That’s why it’s important to have plenty of activities on hand that can be enjoyed by kids ages 3-5.

These free preschool printables can be used at home or in the classroom. They’ll enjoy the coloring pages designed to keep preschoolers entertained while promoting learning and creativity.

And best of all, they’re completely free!

Free Color by Number Printables

Color by number worksheets are a great way to introduce preschoolers to basic concepts like colors and numbers. By working on these worksheets, children will develop fine motor skills, learn to follow instructions, and gain a better understanding of colors and numbers.

In addition, color by number worksheets can be a lot of fun for both kids and adults. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your little ones entertained and engaged, print out some color by number worksheets today!


This color by code packet includes six space-themed images for kids to color. These pictures include an astronaut, an alien, and more.

The worksheets feature numbers 1-7. They include all of the colors of the rainbow and black, grey, and pink.


This set of worksheets is print-and-go. This means, you just print them out and they’re ready for use with your preschoolers.

If your kids want to use markers or watercolors, you may want to print the pages on cardstock so they’re less likely to bleed through.


To complete these activity pages, your kids will follow the color code at the bottom of the page to reveal the hidden image.


If your preschooler isn’t ready to read and identify color words yet, set out only the crayons they’ll need to complete the page.

Use those crayons to color the color word on the worksheet. Then, preschoolers can use those as visual cues to decide which crayon to use.

Outer Space Picture Books for Preschoolers

Picture books are a great way to introduce young children to the wonders of outer space. From books about the planets to stories about interstellar travel, there is a wide variety of titles to choose from.

And with so many options, there is sure to be a book that sparks your child’s interest in the night sky. Here are a few of our favorite outer space picture books for preschoolers.

The Sun Is My Favorite Star” by Frank Asch is a beautiful picture book that explores the solar system. With rhyming text and gorgeous illustrations, this book is perfect for bedtime reading.

Roaring Rockets” by Tony Mitton Rockets is a fun rhyming book for kids. Blast off with out-of-this-world couplets!

There’s No Place Like Space” by Tish Rabe is a fun and educational introduction to the solar system. Featuring everyone’s favorite cat, this book will teach children about the planets in a way that is both entertaining and easy to understand.

Preschool Space Activities

One of the best things about teaching preschoolers is that they’re still at the stage where they’re fascinated by everything. And what could be more fascinating than outer space? Here are a few fun ways to teach your preschoolers about the solar system and beyond.

One way to get started is by doing some simple craft projects with your students. For example, you can help them make their own planets out of paper or clay. Or, you can create a mobile of the solar system with them. This is also a great opportunity to introduce some basic science concepts, such as gravity and orbits.

Another fun way to explore outer space with preschoolers is through books. There are tons of great children’s books about space, from picture books to chapter books. Reading stories about space together is a great way to ignite your students’ imaginations and get them excited about learning more.

And finally, don’t forget about toys and games! There are tons of space-themed toys that will help get kids excited about the topic. And there are also plenty of games that can be used to teach about outer space concepts in a fun and interactive way.

By using a variety of methods, you can be sure that your students will have a blast while they’re learning all about the solar system and beyond.


If your children enjoyed these color by number worksheets, you’ll love the color by code worksheets featured below.

If you are looking for a fun way to introduce your preschoolers to outer space, then these color by number worksheets are perfect. They are sure to keep him entertained while he practices what he has learned.

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