Butterfly Dot to Dot Worksheets

These butterfly dot to dot worksheets are a great way to work on number recognition and number order during the spring and summer months.

Kids love watching butterflies flit and fly around during the warm months. Capitalize on that fascination by adding butterfly activities to your learning times.

Add these free preschool printables to your spring and summer math lessons. Or, print them out and use them as a quiet time or on-the-go activity for little ones.

Butterfly Dot to Dot Worksheets

Are you ready for spring? I know I am! These fun butterfly worksheets are a great way to incorporate early learning skills into a classic childhood activity.

You can use dot to dot worksheets to practice fine motor and concentration skills while reinforcing number recognition and number order.

Plus, kids can color the worksheets when they’re done connecting the dots.

Preparing the Worksheets

There are two ways you can prepare these activity page. First, you can print them out and present them to your child individually to complete.

Secondly, you can laminate the pages to make them reusable. If you don’t have a laminator, you can slip them in a plastic pouch. Then, preschoolers can use dry erase markers to complete the pages. Wipe them clean to use them over and over again.

Why use dot to dot worksheets?

Dot to dot worksheets provide an opportunity to work on some important preschool skills.


First, kids can work on number recognition and number order. Children start at Dot #1 and work their way around the shape to the last number.

This pack contains five dot to dot worksheets that work on 1-5, 1-26, 1-30, and 1-32.

Motor Skills

It’s hard work learning to control a pencil and learning to write. Dot to dots are a great way to help little ones learn to properly hold their pencil.

It takes great practice to control the pencil well enough to connect the dots without tracing lines. As kids practice these dot to dots, their lines will become less and less choppy.


This wooden butterfly puzzle brain game will promote hand-eye coordination, develop problem-solving skills and improve matching skills. In addition, it can stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity.

This beautiful butterfly lacing toy is great for practicing the sewing motion. It’s made of solid cherry wood, and finished with my homemade organic beeswax polish. The “needle” is attached to the natural cotton “thread” to make it easy to poke through the holes. 

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