Books About Shapes for Preschoolers

Fill your shelves with books about shapes for preschoolers. These will help you introduce and reinforce shapes and shape names.

There are so many things preschoolers can learn through a good book. This collection of books can help your preschoolers identify shapes in the world around them.

shape-books-1 Books About Shapes for Preschoolers

Books About Shapes for Preschoolers

Below, I’ve featured just a handful of picture books that will help your preschoolers learn about shapes.

You should be able to find them at your local library or bookstore. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

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Mouse Shapes – What can you make with one oval, two circles, and eight triangles? Just ask three clever mice–who even find a funny way to trick a sneaky cat.

Walter’s Wonderful Web – A determined little spider named Walter is trying to make a sturdy web that will stand up to the blustery wind. The webs he makes at first are woven in special shapes–a triangle, a square, a circle–but they are still wibbly-wobbly. Can Walter make a web that is both wonderful and strong?

Round Is a Tortilla – In this lively picture book, children discover shapes all around them: rectangles are ice-cream carts and stone metates, while triangles are slices of watermelon and quesadillas. Many of the featured objects are Latino in origin, and all are universal in appeal

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Tangled – When the neighborhood shapes go climbing on the park jungle gym the last thing they expect is a tangle. First the circle, next the triangle and then the square. One by one soon all sixteen shapes are trapped. They push and pull and tumble and cry for help. Who will save them?

Brown Rabbit’s Shapes – A mysterious package leads Brown Rabbit on a fun-filled shapes trail.

Shapes – Follow a curious fox and his little friend as he explores what fun objects circles, triangles, ovals and rectangles can make. An engaging, well designed way to introduce first shapes, this board book is perfect for little ones to read with their parents.

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Bulldozer’s Shapes – Little construction fans will love watching Bulldozer and Crane Truck CIRCLE round a new construction site, clearing away TRIANGLES of dirt until the perfect building spot has been SQUARED away.

Snippets – Snippets is a story that reveals the power of kindness and the beauty of being unique. And it does so though the journey of two different groups of shapes (the polygons and irregular polygons)

Round is a Mooncake – A little girl’s urban neighborhood becomes a discovery ground for all things round, square, and rectangular in this lyrical picture book. Most items are Asian in origin, others universal: round rice bowls and a found pebble, square dim sum and the boxes that the pizzas come in, rectangular Chinese lace and a very special pencil case.

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My First Shapes with Frank Lloyd Wright – Frank Lloyd Wright used basic geometric shapes as the foundation for his modern architecture.

When a Line Bends . . . A Shape Begins – A line is thin. A line is narrow—curved like a worm, straight as an arrow. Squares, circles, triangles, and many more shapes abound in this lively book.

The Greedy Triangle – Bored and dissatisfied with his life, a triangle visits a local shapeshifter to add another angle to his shape. Poof! He becomes a quadrilateral. But then he gets greedy and keeps adding angles until he’s completely transformed. 

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Shapes, Shapes, Shapes – Dozens of real-world photographs of buildings, shoes, people at work, and more help young readers build observation skills as they hunt for shapes hidden in plain sight.

Shape by Shape – As readers turn the brightly colored, die cut pages, shapes on each page come together to reveal a creature from long ago.

My Very First Book of Shapes – Can you find what is round? What is square? In this timeless new split-pageboard book, children can find the bottom half of a page that matches the top half. 

Which of these books about shapes will you read first?

Let’s Track What You’re Reading!

It’s fun to track what you read to your preschoolers throughout the school year. It’s even more fun to have your preschoolers track the books they enjoyed.

Parents and teachers can use the Reading Tracker to record the titles of each book they read as well as the date and number of pages.

Children can use the My Book Review page to track the books they listen to and then color a face to show whether they liked each book or not.

If you track what you read, you’ll be amazed at how many books you read each day and month!

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Teaching Resources

This shape chart set makes it fun and easy to build shape awareness with a fun Mickey Mouse theme. The Disney Shape Chart includes 8 different shapes, 8 sets of hands and shoes, and a corresponding “SHAPES” title all with a Mickey theme. 

Use these fun smiling felt shapes to help your child or class learn the different shapes they will use throughout their lives. Bright, colorful and fun shapes make learning fun.

Send your little ones on a hunt for shapes with this Free Printable Shapes Scavenger Hunt!

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