Indoor Winter Activities

Looking for some indoor winter activities for preschoolers? Check out this awesome list of ideas! Try something new this year.

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but winter can get pretty cold here in Ohio. The year we moved here, we received over 50″ of snow. Last year, we got quite a bit but not as much as the year before.

I don’t know what this winter holds, but I do know that I’m often looking for ways to entertain my kids indoors. Here are ten winter activities your preschoolers are sure to love on a cold winter afternoon.

Indoor Winter Activities

Have an indoor snowball fightWe did this last year at our family’s Christmas celebration. My sister provided everyone with a bowl of giant marshmallows, and on “go” the battle was on! Young kids would enjoy using homemade marshmallow shooters made from PVC pipes.

If you aren’t a DIYer, you can also purchase marshmallow shooters on Amazon.

And, if you aren’t interested in picking up random marshmallows off your floor, you can use balled up socks for giant snowballs.

Make an indoor snowball toss game. Preschoolers will love helping you draw snowman faces on styrofoam or plastic cups. They can then use pom-poms, big marshmallows, or something similar in size to play the toss game. Toss the items into the cups to score points.

Make fake snow. Mix it up in a dish tub or small tote. Kids can make their own little snowmen and snowballs in the warmth of your house. You’ve probably got everything you need already.

Speaking of marshmallows… How about letting your kids build marshmallow sculptures. You can use the leftovers from your ‘snowball’ fight, or you can break out a brand new bag.

Give your preschoolers some marshmallows and toothpicks and let them get creative. If you aren’t comfortable giving them toothpicks, you could give them straws or coffee stirrers. Here are some fun ideas for your little ones: sculptures or animals.

For little ones who need a little extra help burning off some winter-time energy, they’ll love bouncing on a mini-indoor trampoline. You’ll love that they’re expelling energy in a constructive, healthy way.

Little ones will have a blast racing their balloon rockets down the hallway or across the living room. You can read a tutorial here.

I love the idea of using styrofoam packing peanuts to make an Easy Winter Sensory Bin. This is a great way to explore different textures and spend time exploring on a cold winter afternoon.

Use ordinary white glue and glitter to make snowflakes. Use them to decorate your windows and glass doors.

This “ARCTIC WILDLIFE” quiet book introduces your baby the Polar animals, helps to develop imagination and fine motor skills!

This Arctic small world sensory bin filler includes everything your child needs to engage in beneficial sensory play. Sensory play encourages children to explore their senses and enhances creativity.

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